An Educator's guide 
to Psych-Eds & IEPs

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This course has been designed for educators supporting students and families outside of the school system. 

It provides a detailed explanation of psychoeducational assessments 
(Psych-Eds), their reports and Individualized Education Plans/Programs (IEP).

The 3 main GOALS of this course are:

• Show the educator how to get the information they need out of both a 
Psych-Ed Report and an IEP
• Show the educator how to use this information to create an IEP Binder for their student
• Provide strategies for the educator to support a family before, during and after the IEP meeting.

This course contains 8 modules. It is recommended that educators try to complete one module a week. The lessons typically run from 5 – 15 minutes with a few of the lessons covering more difficult content lasting a bit longer. There are downloads and worksheets available within the lessons. The progression of each module can be seen below. 

Exclusive Price: CAD$397